Marketing Campaigns

A school bus purchasing and logistics company saw a ton of opportunity in the school bus management business, helping make school districts and school bus operators more efficient and effective at providing safe student transportation. But as first-time marketers, they weren’t sure how to effectively reach the right customers that needed them.

The Challenge

- New marketers with no data history to work with

- Existing campaigns were driving the wrong audiences on search

- People inside of school districts saw the service offering as competition for jobs

- Industry stuck in an old mindset about how to operate student transportation

The Solution

-Build ad campaigns that targeted buyers for each of the different offerings

-Design and build landing pages that would resonate with school bus managers, not parents

-Tie campaign analytics to overall sales and marketing performance

Work and Results

  • 10% increase in revenue
  • 4X ROI
  • SBC landing page SBC Landing Page TSC landing page

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SBC landing page SBC Landing Page TSC landing page


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