Amazon Advertising and Selling for Brands

Dr.Dünner, a leading European health and wellness brand, had a business strategy to grow and succeed. They knew that entry to the US market was key to reach their goals. However, their budget was not big enough to support a large, traditional advertising program. What they needed was a digital-first agency that had the ability to find and target their customer in search engines and social media and on large marketplaces like Amazon.

The Challenge

- Dr.Dünner didn’t know how they would resonate with the US market, so they needed an agency to develop a local voice that would connect with American consumers.

- Dr.Dünner needed to completely rethink product logistics and fulfillment in a way that mapped to a digital first approach that prioritized direct sales and sales on Amazon. 

- Launch a new website with a unified e-commerce strategy, online and on Amazon - registering the brand, handling all logistical issues of fulfillment, and developing ad campaigns to drive awareness and sales.

The Solution

- Create a completely integrated digital marketing program that was focused on direct sales on the website and Amazon, as well as focused on brand awareness through digital advertising and social media.

- Register the brand on Amazon and eliminate competitors selling the same product at discount, handle all logistical issues of fulfillment with AFS, conduct customer relationship management, and strategically use amazon advertising to boost position on the platform.

Work and Results

- Hit 2X Q1 sales goal at the end of the first month - by week 10, broke 700% of that goal

- Advertising Cost of Sales that dropped below 11% within three weeks

- Optimized Amazon product detail pages drove conversion rates over 33%

- Initial sales at 3X advertising spend

  • Pre-roll Video Enhanced Brand Content Brand's Storefront

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Pre-roll Video Enhanced Brand Content Brand's Storefront


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